High school girls learn STEM programs

BLACKSBURG, Va. - High School students were given an opportunity that could have a huge impact on the rest of their lives.

The girls from rural Southwest Virginia spent two days touring Virginia Tech's campus learning about careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields.

"I think girls from rural areas like ours, they think that they have to stay at home and be a stay at home mom. We don't have the outreach programs that a lot of bigger schools have, so I think it's good for women to realize, they can actually get out and be a part of a scientific field or medical field and that they don't have to stay at home," said Taylor Hartford, a high school senior.

"So few girls are involved in STEM careers and they don't know they can be, so that's the purpose of this is to  introduce them to STEM careers," said Penny McCallum, Program Organizer.

The girls were able to conduct experiments such as extracting DNA from their cheeks.

"It was great, I didn't figure you could do that from just using plain soap and the materials we used," said Hannah Ball, a high school junior.

Almost 50 girls visited Virginia Tech's campus...some for the first time.

"I loved it, I've already been accepted so it really helped influencing my decision to come here I think I'm going to come here now," said Makynzee Cantrell, a high school senior.

The high school girls were able to on a campus tour and also met with people in the financial aid and admissions offices to make their college dreams a reality.

"Campus is beautiful, I loved getting hands on experience with the teachers and finding out more about the college and the spirit here," said Makynzee Cantrell, a high school senior.

The program is meant to show these girls, if they want to go to college, there is nothing stopping them from becoming part of the Hokie Nation. 

The overnight visit was made possible by private donations.



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