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Puzzled Car Show helps local kids

BUENA VISTA, Va. - Saturday, Blake Bryant will host, Puzzled. It's an annual Car, Truck and Bike Show in Buena Vista. Bryant giving all proceeds to The Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center to help kids like, Seth Bernard.

In this classroom, counting money starts early.

17-year-old, Seth Bernard is also learning to save.

Seth has been enrolled at the Blue Ridge Autism Achievement Center, or BRAAC for seven years.  BRAAC

Special Education Coordinator, Joy Ezelle says motivating him and the other students comes easy.

"The first thing that we see generally is just smiles on their faces; an excitement to be at school, an

excitement to learn."

BRAAC specializes in teaching children with Autism and

other special needs. And the learning doesn't stop with math, science and english. Here,

Communication and life skills are a priority.

"Toileting, toothbrushing, hand washing, showering, all of those things to really help make our students as independent as possible."

The center opened it's doors nine years ago. Currently 70 students ranging from ages two to 22

are enrolled.  Aside from a degree, students leave prepared for the real world with on-the job


"A very scary scary thing for them.  Now we see them conquering those challenges and it's just amazing

to kind of watch that transformation happen," said Ezelle.

BRAAC is a non-profit organization. Raising funds means help from the community. Saturday, Puzzled,

a Car, Truck and Bike show will do just that.

"It's an amazing opportunity for not only our students to be able to participate in a community event for

our families to come out and celebrate their individuals but also to bring in funds and fund raise for the

school, for the students to build on those programs,"  said, BRAAC Executive Director, Christina Giuliano.

WFXR is a proud sponsor for the Puzzled car show. This is a kid-friendly event that includes a

kids carnival, camping and many other fun activities.  There will be a $25 registration fee.  

CLICK HERE for more information. 

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