Candlelight vigil for missing teen found dead

BLACKSBURG, Va. - "It hurts real bad but now we know she's in a better place," said Kyrra Winters,one of Nicole's classmates.

Nicole's classmates friends and family gathered for a candle light vigil outside her family's house, each of them hoping the thirteen year old was still alive, and would see their messages of support, and come back.

"We came out here to pray for Nicole to come home, we didn't realize until right before, she had been found and she wasn't going to be coming home," said Rebecca Lemon, whose daughters were friends with Nicole.

Friends of the family said Nicole's parents had remained hopeful until the very last minute, with her dad posting the news on Facebook.

"He announced his daughter was found and she was deceased and of course he was devastated," said Kenny Jarels, who works for Help Save the Next Girl, an organization started by Morgan Harrington's parents.

Her classmates said the bus rides to school will not be the same, and they hope, wherever Nicole is, she knows how much she was cared for. "I love her and I miss her a lot," said Winters.

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