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Local bike shop gives maintenance tips

At Underdog Bikes, rainy days don't mean less business.
Customer, Joshua Nichols is shopping for his wife.
"I'm getting her a Rocky Mountain Instinct," he said.  "It's planning for the next week when It will dry up a little bit".  
Owner, Chris Heslin opened this bike shop six years ago and says cycling is becoming a growing trend. 
"We're stocking a whole lot of bikes now, we've got a couple of mechanics working here, we do a little bit of everything, service sales and rentals, you name it, we do it," said Heslin. 
As of 2013,  the National Household Travel Survey shows bicycle commuting in Virginia has increased by more than 100%.
Wether you're commuting to work or going out for exercise, Heslin says Bike Month is a perfect time to leave the car parked and use bicycle wheels instead

"It's good for the environment, less cars on the road makes less traffic and less polution too," said Heslin. 
Before taking your bicycle on the road, a few maintenance tips Heslin calls the "ABC's" for upkeep and safety.

Start with checking the air pressure in your tire with a pinch test. 
"Helps to prevent flats, if you have too little air in there, you can get a pinched flat which can ruin your ride".

Next, check your breaks.  

"Make sure you check your front break and your rear break make sure they're working and make sure all the controls and the handle bars are secure".
To prevent wear on the gears, Heslin suggests keeping your bike's chain properly oiled.
"What you want to do is essentially drop a little bit of oil onto pretty much every link" 
Lastly, don't forget regular tune-ups. 
"You just want to look for any lose parts or any creaky noises, things like that then it's probably time to bring it in to the shop and have it looked over". 

To celebrate bike month, WFXR is a proud sponsor of the night rider's ball that's happening Saturday, downtown at Martin's.  The best part of it is if you ride your bike to the event, admission is free.  For more information on the event visit, https://www.visitroanokeva.com/events/2018-night-riders-ball/28674/.

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