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National Weather Service Confirms Four Tornadoes From Sunday

Tornado Upgraded in Amherst Co. to EF 3

Four Confirmed Tornadoes From the Storms on Sunday, Evaluations Continue in the Area


Storms on Sunday produced significant amounts of rain, gusty winds, lightning as well as four confirmed tornadoes.  During the stormy event there were several tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service and on Monday and Tuesday the damage from those warned storms was evaluated to confirm or dispute the presence of a tornado.  So far there have been four confirmed touchdowns in the area. 

The most intense storm evaluated Monday was the storm in Campbell county and moved north through West Lynchburg and Amherst county.  It was confirmed that an EF 3 tornado touched down near Timberlake in Campbell county at 7pm and moved north through the western sections of Lynchburg, crossed the James River into Amherst county and dissipated as it moved up Shady Mountain Ridge... over 20 miles away.  The twister damaged over 100 homes including several in the community of Elon, and was over 600 yards wide at times and generated wind speeds of 150 mph. 12 people were injured but no fatalities. 

The second Tornado confirmed in the Commonwealth was an EF 1 cyclone in Craig County.  At 5:03 to 5:04 a short lived tornado touched down 4 miles northeast of New Castle and was on the ground for one half mile.  Generated wind speeds near 105 mph, tossed cars and damaged six homes and uprooted or snapped over 50 trees.

The third confirmed tornado from Sunday's storms was just south of the Virginia State Line in North Carolina.  Another EF 2 tornado was confirmed in Rockingham county.  This tornado was on the ground for nearly 18 miles and generated wind speeds around 125 mph.  At times the twister was around 225 yard wide and was moving north at approximately 45 mph.  Touch down was at 5:25 pm Sunday afternoon and it lifted back into the cloud at 5:46 pm.  It passed just to the east of Reidsville and lifted about 4 miles northeast of Ruffin.  At least 20 homes were damaged and numerous outbuildings.  7 injuries were reported and no fatalities. 

A forth tornado was confirmed on Tuesday in the city of Danville.  According to the National Weather Service Survey Team the twister touched down just southwest of Old Mayfield Road and moved northeast through the Westover area of Danville producing a continuous path before lifting just north of Pleasant Gap Drive a few miles short of Dry Fork.  Numerous trees were damaged, minor damage to homes (mainly roofs) and a number of out buildings were destroyed.  Max winds were 110 making it an EF 1 on the Fujita Scale, was 175 yards wide at one point and was on the ground for 12.0 miles. No injuries or Fatalities.

It was a very dangerous day but if there is a good take away from this...we are talking about injuries being reported and no fatalities.  

The survey team is still evaluating another possible tornado in Pittsylvania county near Chatham.

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist.

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