Road Conditions due to biggest snowfall of the Season

Many of us woke up with frosted windows and snow covered yards.  Schools in the surrounding area were canceled, and many people tried to stay off the roads to be safe.  

But later in the day the weather warmed up and the roads cleared so we found people outside hiking and enjoying the snow day. 

A Roanoke County father says he always thinks it's a good idea to be cautious and cancel school, "I always think it's safe, especially Roanoke County, because you know there's areas out in the colder regions like Bent Mountain and such so it's better safety wise", said Paul McBee. 

Due to the warmer weather in the evening some snow started to melt and that means runoff and slushy spots on the road could refreeze throughout the night. 

A black ice warning was issued to the Roanoke area. 


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