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Saving lives one phone call at a time, NRV dispatchers receive EMD training

NEW RIVER VALLEY, Va. - When car accidents or medical emergencies happen, every minute counts.

While first responders are sent out immediately after a call to 911 is made.

Most of us would not know what to do to while waiting for help to arrive.

But now people in the New River Valley will get life-saving emergency medical instructions when on the phone with 911.

It's part of the new emergency medical dispatch program. 

According to the NRV 911 center, they have already taken close to two thousand calls where they have already used this training. 

When you call 911 for a medical emergency, dispatchers are tained to ask you a series of questions. 

Based on those questions, the 911 dispatcher is able to give you instructions on what to do in situations like administering CPR, assisting with labor and delivery or helping take care of wounds. 

The dispatchers started their 28 hours of taining back in November and completed it in January.



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