Skimmers found at a gas station in Vinton

The Vinton Police Department is investigating after a credit card skimmer was found at the Exxon gas station on Gun Nicks Boulevard.  

The skimmers were found on two gas pumps at the station.  Police were called after customers reported fraudulent activity to the business. 

A skimmer is used to get personal information from your ATM card once it's put into the machine.  

Here is the press release: 

The Vinton Police Department is currently investigating a credit card skimming incident at 104 Gus Nicks Blvd., Exxon gas station in Vinton.

On Monday, April 17, 2017, officers from the Vinton Police Department were summonsed, to a call for service, in reference to two (2) credit card skimming devices located in two separate gas pumps. This incident originated after reports were made from customer(s) to the business reporting fraudulent activity.

A skimming device can be installed in order to extract personal information from your ATM card once it is inserted to a machine. We recognize, as a customer, that it is difficult to know whether a skimming device has been installed internally. At times, these devices can be installed externally and have additional micro cameras installed to watch the operator enter PIN numbers. We as consumers should take precautionary steps in attempt to avoid our information being compromised.

* Monitor bank accounts regularly, notify proper channels of any unauthorized charges.

* Pay using cash.

* If a card is going to be used, consider a credit card. Credit cards typically offer fraud protection.

* Credit cards deductions are not immediately extracted form an account.

* For gas pumps, inspect for signs of tampering, some stations place security tape.

In addition, the Vinton Police Department would like to share pictures of the actual devices found in regards to this incident. It is important to know that not all devices are the same. Some devices can be installed externally over the groove where the card enters an ATM. A false keyboard can also be installed.

For any information regarding this incident please contact Detective Hill at (540) 983-0617. 

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