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Windy Weather Expected to Intensify Tonight & Thursday

Windy Weather Will Cause Travel Troubles

A Wind Advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service for Thursday.  Just after midnight the winds in the region are expected to be in the 20 - 35 mph hour range along and near the Blue Ridge, also gusts expected to approach or exceed 50 mph at times.  There is the potential for downed trees in the region along with some power lines. Trees are just now starting to bud up, so they have a bit more mass or weight to the branches, this swift of a wind may cause them to bend and break.  

If you are traveling along 81, 64 and 77 or any of the roads for that matter, an aggressive cross wind can make travel hazardous in high profile vehicles such as big rigs, RV's, travel trailers. box trucks and also motorcycles. Keep an eye on the vehicles around you.  The winds are from the west and so gusty winds across the interstates at specific locations like Fancy Gap in Carroll County, can be especially hazardous. 

Stay Safe and Stay Alert.


Chief Meteorologist John Carroll

and the Pinpoint Weather Team.



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