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Woman Claims she was wrongfully terminated from her Roanoke City job

Storm Durham was working as a child protective services agent with CPS investigations in Roanoke, until Friday March 9, when she was terminated.  

Durham began to post on social media claiming she was fired due to her concealed carry permit, even though she never brought it to work. 

The city of Roanoke has responded back to these allegations in a statement saying:

"A former employee of the City of Roanoke recently posted via social media assertions regarding the basis of her dismissal from City employment. Her posting has also been reported in other media. The City does not publicly comment on specific personnel matters. In light of these assertions, however, it is important to note that the City of Roanoke respects the Constitutional rights of its citizens and that the dismissal in question was not based upon anyone’s exercise of such rights."

Durham also does says she had issues with her supervisor and believes that was part of the reason she was let go, she went to Human Resources on Thursday to file a complaint and was fired the following day.

Durham says the city wrote on her dismissal statement that she was a safety concern, and because of this concern she was escorted out of the building by three police officers.

The statement also lists concerns about that way she dressed, and how she behaved in training, but Durham has responded back; she believes she always dressed professionally and says her behavior in training was never brought up before this statement. 

Storm Durham is now looking to sue the city of Roanoke for wrongful termination. 




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