Wintry Weather Continues After the Snow

Wintry Weather Continues After the Snow Stops


As we continue to monitor the snow and measure the height on our back porch or deck we need to look at the problems that are expected to occur tonight as the winds pick up and the temperatures drop.

There will be a good chance for us to see a number of patches of Black Ice as the temps in the region dip several degrees below freezing.  The forecast is calling for the mercury in the thermometer to drop into the 20s tonight which means that the chance for the slushy and wet roads to freeze up. Bridges and overpasses are more likely to generate the black ice as they are cooled from below and above, so keep an eye out tonight for the patchy ice. 

Winds are expected to pick up tonight as the lumbering low exits the area and we tighten up the atmosphere. The winds will be in the 20 to 30 mph gust range, which is more than enough to bend and break some of weighted trees that have acquired several pounds of extra weight with the wet and heavy snow.  Be especially aware of pine trees as they are able to collect more snow on the needles.  They are pliable, but the snow is pretty “weighty” today. 

As the winds pick up the visibility will drop.  Even though there will be little to now snow falling from the sky, it will be blowing around.  Not as much as it would if the snow were light and fluffy, but there will be some area of reduced visibility due to the snow.  Also the road spray from your car tires will also reduce your view.

Clear and cold Thursday as the winds linger.  Friday will be chilly and breezy and we are monitoring another winter storm that is slated for overnight Saturday into Sunday.  This one may be bigger and more intense than today’s storm, but we still have a few days to sort that out.  Snow and Ice may be around Sunday morning.

Stay safe.

Chief Meteorologist

John Carroll 

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