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Virginia Spartans begin this fall

This fall, there will be a new football on the scene for fans to check out. The Virginia Spartans contact, varsity football team was formed late last year to give high school students in the Franklin and Roanoke County and surrounding areas, the opportunity to play varsity level football in an organized, good and healthy environment. The team is made up of homeschool students and private and christian school students without a school team to play for. For the last few weeks the players have been doing off season workouts in preparation for their inaugural season. Overall, organizers say this team is not all about winning and losing but so much more. "Everyone likes the icing on the cake. The wins are the icing on the cake. The cake is again being able to help these young men transition into manhood and step up and become leaders in the community," said Virginia Spartans Ron Taconet. "When I am on the field, I study with them all of the time. They are going to be my brothers on the field and off the field," said Virginia Spartans Quarterback/Running Back Cameron Orange. "We are all a family and out here on the football field and off. And we are playing football," said Virginia Spartans Linebacker/Defensive End Michael Taconet. The Virginia Spartans will play their first game on August 25th.


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