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11-year old reporter asking the tough questions on her internet show

Ava Rosa Devries asks Roanoke's city officials tough questions on her show AR3Q

ROANOKE, Va - A 11-year-old journalist is making a splash in the Roanoke Valley.  Ava Rosa DeVries is beginning the second year of her internet show AR3Q. She interviews the community's prominent citizens and asks them 3 good questions.

I've always been interested in asking questions," said Ava Rosa DeVries, an 11 year old reporter.

With microphone in hand Ava Rosa DeVries wants to ask the tough questions.

"I'm trying to prove that even though I'm smaller I guess, you can still do what you want to do," said DeVries.

Last year, Ava Rosa started a internet show called AR3Q. She goes around asking the city's most important people three questions.

"You can learn a lot from people by asking three good questions" said Ava Rosa.

She's snagged interviews with everyone from a then Councilwoman Anita Price to discuss things like voter turnout.

"More than 90 percent of grown ups that could vote don't. How do you feel about this and what do you want to say to that 90 percent," asked DeVries.

DeVries also interviewed former Mayor David Bowers to ask about the hot water he found himself in last year.

"How did you get through that period of time, and what does it say about your relationship with the people of Roanoke," asked DeVries. 

The production of AR3Q is a family affair.  Ava Rosa's sister Amora, and her parents support from behind the scenes.  Her dad Jason works as the cameraman and editor.

"I think it's a parent's responsibility to encourage your kids when they're doing something good," said Jason DeVries, Ava Rosa's father.

Ava Rosa's work is getting a lot of attention. Some of her interviews getting more than 4,000 views on Facebook. Recently, the young journalist kicked off season two of her show with a trip to the Women's March on Washington. She hopes it's just the beginning of many more stories to come. 

Ava Rosa doesn't have her next interview booked, but her father says Governor Terry McAuliffe has agreed to an interview next time he's in town.

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