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2018 Salem Fair

Tuesday, July 3rd is the start of the Salem Fair. 


WFXR's Opening Night on Tuesday will offer $15 ride wristbands that will allow you to enjoy rides until closing. Wristbands must be purchased before 6 p.m. After 6 p.m. wristbands will be $25 and sold until 9 p.m.


WFXR's Salem Food Pantry Night with Virginia Varsity Storage is Thursday July 12th. $15 wristbands wll be available for purchase with a donation of two non-perishable food items. $25 wristbands will be available without a food donation. Wristbands are sold until 9 p.m.


We hope to see you at the fair!


For tickets and information, click here. 


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