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Business offering free meals to government employees without a paycheck

SALEM, Va. (WFXR News) - One local business is stepping up to help government employees who have stopped receiving a paycheck because of the government shutdown.

Cheesesteak Factory and Jerk House in Salem is offering free meals to employees who show their government ID. The offer will last as long as the government shutdown does.

There's no need to call ahead. You simply show up, present your government ID, and then your meal and up to two of your kids' meals will be provided free of charge.

"Everybody is calling in to see if it's really true and it is. It's really happening," says employee Deseree Kasey.

Cook Ben Myers says the reaction has been positive. "Lots of shares on Facebook," he added.

The owner of Cheesesteak Factory and Jerk House says that several people took advantage of the free meal on Sunday, which was the first day the deal was offered. 

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