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Christmas Tree do's and don'ts

Buy local, water once a day, think fire prevention

When it comes to buying that perfect Christmas tree, experts say buying local is the key. 

"Southwest Virginia has been a good growing location - there's been a number of farms," said John Hamill, owner of Hamill Christmas Tree Farm in Roanoke.

"The people around here are lucky to have access to fresh trees. In other places in the country, that's not the case."

Buying from local growers means customers will know where it's been cut. 

Hamill says buying from big retailers means you could be getting a tree that was cut months ago which means it's not as fresh and won't last as long. 

"If you buy a local tree, you know it's fresh," said Hamill.

"Other places in the country - they don't grow trees, and they have to ship them in from miles away in tractor trailers. Those trees may have been cut weeks ago."

One way to see if your fur Christmas tree is fresh is to feel the foliage. If it feels like a toothbrush, experts say you're good to go. 

Some maintenance tips: 

  • Water your tree once a day. The first day it may take up more water than usual.
  • If your tree is pre-cut, cut it again at the bottom. Otherwise, sap will come down and block the water uptake.
  • Don't put your tree next to heaters. 
  • Make sure your indoor and outdoor Christmas lights have been properly tested and throw out any damaged lights. 
  • Keep candles away from the Christmas tree.
  • Turn off any lights before going to bed. 
  • Finding bugs in your tree is normal. Experts say they are not harmful, only an annoyance. It is up to you whether to throw out the entire tree or clean it up another way. 
  • Once your tree starts to shed its' needles, it may be time to throw it out. 

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