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Feds order Mountain Valley Pipeline work to stop

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued a stop work order to halt construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

The order was filed Friday.

MVP is hereby notified that construction activity along all portions of the Project and in all work areas must cease immediately, with the exception of any measures deemed necessary by those land managing agencies or FERC staff to ensure the stabilization of the right of way and work areas

Officials at Mountain Valley Pipeline told WFXR News that they are working to resolve the issue so construction can continue.

We agree with the FERC that the USFS and BLM will be able to satisfy the Court’s requirements regarding their respective decisions; and we believe that the two agencies have the required information to address the issues related to the stop work order and willwork quickly to supplement their initial records. In addition, we are confident that the BLM has reached the correct conclusion regarding the impracticality of the MVP alternatives as initially reviewed and believe the BLM has the necessary information to supplementand enhance their rationale. Given the fact that MVP has halted operations in the JNF, we respectfully disagree with the breadth of the August 3, 2018 stop work order. We will continue to work closely with all agencies to resolve these issues and look forwardto continuing the safe construction of this important infrastructure project.

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