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Franklin County man offers space to business owner who lost everything in fire

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WFXR News) - While the investigation is underway to determine what caused a fire that took out a Franklin County business Monday morning, one man from the community is stepping up to offer support to the owner.

James Lovell, owner of Do what? Automotive is offering up space to the business owner who lost his.

"He's always taken care of me. Anything I wanted done, he made sure it was done and it was done right," said Lovell.

Do what? Automotive does collision and mechanical work.

"Anything from a full restoration down to an oil change," said Lovell.

He says in the 5 years his business has been open, he's gotten his glass work done at Daniel's Auto Glass.

Early Monday morning, Daniel's Auto Glass caught fire and the whole building was a total loss.

"I know he's really down on his luck now and in a bad situation," said Lovell.

"It's not a good place to be, to lose your business and every tool you had to work with in it. That's rough."

So now, James is making a special offer to help out.

"I just offered him a spot to use in case he needed to get a vehicle inside or something," said Lovell.

"I know we have bad weather coming in soon and he may need a vehicle to sit inside for him to put glass in or to put tint in or to do whatever he may need to do."

Lovell says his space may not be much, but it was important for him to offer it to his friend in need.

"I'd hate to see myself in that situation," said Lovell.

"I don't have the nicest facility to work out of, but it works well for me. And if I was to lose that I don't know what I would do."

Lovell says he's spoken with the owner of Daniel's Auto Glass and while right now he doesn't know his next move, the offer is on the table.

The Franklin County sheriff's office says the cause of the fire is under investigation. They are waiting for the results of some samples from the building that were sent to a lab.

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