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How to help create positive change in the workplace

ROANOKE, Va. - Helping create positive change in the workplace was the topic of Monday's Virginia At Work.

Dr. David Dehaven sat down with Kathlynn Stone to share advice for employees. He's a Senior Consultant and Coach with Cortex Leadership Consulting.

According to Dr. Dehaven, The best way to handle your every day tasks while creating change is to follow the three M's (Model, Motivate and Mentor.)

He said, "Change involves a shift in the mindset of people and ultimately the culture of the organization. People’s thoughts (and the work culture) change based upon new experiences."  He suggests, "Continue to do your work, but be sure to model the way for other employees so that they see the new values in practice. Also, model the language related to the new value and desired behavior. When you see others also modeling the way commend them on their efforts to reinforce the desired behavior."

According to Dr. Dehaven, If someone is not adopting a new change, it's an opportunity to mentor and redirect their attention.


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