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Update; "Joyous Junque" yard sale in Moneta is a big success

MONETA, Va. - The "Joyous Junque" yard sale in Moneta raised thousands for Bedford and Frankilin County charities this weekend.

As of Sunday, organizers say they counted $104,924, but still have a few items to be sold.  

On Monday, the leftover  "junque" will be donated to other local organizations.

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Hundreds of people are home enjoying the deals they got at the "Joyous Junque" yard sale in Moneta this weekend.

The annual yard sale wrapped up on Sunday afternoon.  Organizers say the final tally is not in yet, but by closing time on Saturday, the Resurrection Catholic Church raised nearly $87,000.  In 2016, the church raised close to $100,000, and they expect to do the same this year. 

Most of the proceeds will go to 26 different charities in Bedford and Franklin counties. 

"Joyous Junque" organizers say the yard sale is a success because of the community's generosity.

"People around the lake all have big hearts, and they give us good stuff.  It's a transient environment so as people come and go, as they move out of houses they have extra furniture," said Jim Urban, co-chairman of "Joyous Junque".   "Mainly people have big hearts, and they know we give the money to charity so they support us," said Urban.

"Joyous Junque" will start gearing up for 2018 after the 4th of July weekend.  At that time, people can start donating their "junque" at Resurrection Catholic Church at 15353 Moneta Road in Moneta.

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