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Minimum wage increase could hurt small businesses in Virginia

WYTHE COUNTY, VA (WFXR News) - A group of lawmakers want to raise the minimum wage in Virginia to $15 an hour by 2021.

However, that's not sitting well with some small business owners, including Fort Chiswell Animal Park.

They said they are already struggling to pay the bills without hiking their rates.

"So we were just alerted today by email that they're going to vote on this tomorrow. We hadn't heard that from anybody yet so it really shocked us. We know from talking to other friends that are small business owners that a lot of them live like we do. They live from the bank, out of the bank, so in the winter we borrow all winter, and then when we open for spring we're already behind and we work all summer to pay back what we owe. In the winter it starts over again," said Heidi Crosky, manager of Fort Chiswell Animal Park.

Crosky also said they had a recent review on Tripadvisor in which a customer said they would visit more if the prices were lower. She said they think if the prices go up, they would lose a lot of business.

We asked viewers on Facebook what they thought about the incident. Click below to see what they said and to weigh in on the conversation.

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