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Montgomery Co. Board of Supervisors approves lawyer to fight the opioid epidemic

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. - The Montgomery County Board of Supervisors voted (7-0) to approve retaining a lawyer to recover some opioid costs for the county. 

The county voted to essentially hire a law firm to investigate pharmaceutical companies to try and get back some of the costs the county has had to pay because of the opioid epidemic. 

The county would hire the law firm to investigate if they have a case against these companies who have been providing people with the drugs. 

First, the county has to vote to obtain the law firm so that they can start to investigate if the county has a case. The county has had to take on costs because of the opioid epidemic.

One is the money needed for foster care. 

Board members say the law firm will not get any money unless the county receives money from a lawsuit. 

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