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Parents have tough time picking up kids from school amid flooding

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WFXR News) - It was a tough afternoon for many parents trying to pick up their children Thursday afternoon after heavy rains caused flash flooding in several areas. 

Several roads were closed, meaning school buses had to turn around and bring kids back to school.

Students at Clearbrook Elementary School had to shelter in place because of the flood conditions. 

As of 5 p.m. as many as 30 students were left inside the school.

Parents eventually were able to reach their children to pick them up, but it wasn't easy. 

 "It made me a little nervous, it was definitely a first for us," Leah Douglas said.

"I was definitely concerned. I got in my car and I drove back here right away, sure enough, there was flooding all over the place and I couldn't get in."

The school lost power because of flooding in the basement. 

The last student who wasn't able to be picked up because his grandparents were not able to leave their home because of the flooding. That student was brought home by a teacher and police officer. 

Overall, Roanoke County Fire and EMS said the operation went smoothly. 

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