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Public gets tour of new plant bringing 350 jobs to Botetourt

BOTETOURT, Va. (WFXR News) - Construction is complete and the ELDOR Automotive Plant allowed people to get a first look inside Thursday. 

The manufacturer bringing hundreds of new jobs the Botetourt area gave the media a tour of the building Thursday morning.

The Italian based global manufacturing company is opening it's first North American plant in the Roanoke Valley. They make pieces for ignition systems and other parts.

President and CEO for its USA location, Stefano Concecci says they choose Botetourt because they are within a 500-mile radius from most of their customers, and the state is business friendly. He says it's also close to two major universities.

"So we think that a good reason also to be here is because we can attract, in this very peaceful environment, all sort of great talent," said Concecci.

The talent they are trying to attract is a part of them looking to create about 350 new jobs for their operation.

With those 350 new jobs coming, local businesses like A Thousand Hills coffee company are anticipating a boost in business.

"Well, it's been great. We've already met the owners and some of the human resource people. They've purchased coffee for us from our meetings and things so it's been great. we've already started a relationship with them," said Land of a Thousand Hills Owner Penny Felts.

Felts says they've been there for about 5 years and seen lots of development in the area.

"As a small business owner, of course, we want to see some growth in here to help keep us afloat. So we've definitely seen a change."

It's all change people like Justin White thinks could bring even more business to the area. 

"Especially new restaurants, different store, new places that we can not have to drive as far to get what we need. That would absolutely be good news," said White.

Anyone interested in applying at ELDOR can find more information here.

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