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Salem family spreads Christmas spirit with elaborate light display

SALEM, Va. (WFXR News) - A family is Salem is spreading the Christmas spirit with an extravagant light display.

Casey and Elizabeth Mills have a lights show in the 100 block of Upland Drive in Salem.

The way the display works is you tune into this radio station posted on a sign in the yard, and you can hear the song that matches the music.

"Well, we kind of want to make it a tradition for people so that they can here year after year and enjoy our light show. We put a lot of work into out throughout the whole year. Not just in December for the four days, it takes to put it up," said Casey Mills.

The Mills Family Lights something that the community appreciates. The Mills say they typically have 6 or 7 cars in front of their house enjoying the show.

"It's really nice. I mean we can hear kids out here screaming and clapping and cheering all the way from inside the house," Casey said.

It was his passion for technology, and his wife Elizabeth's love of lights that inspired this bright idea, but they never thought it would get this big.

"It's grown a lot over the years," said Casey.

"We were actually watching videos the other night of it, from our first year when we thought we were super awesome and he was kind of embarrassed we had so many lights. And it was nothing," added Elizabeth Mills. 

Elizabeth is a kindergarten teacher and she says the lights have been getting attention at school.

"I hear the kids at school talking about it. They're like, 'how do you do that?' Asking me what goes into it and excited to come see our lights and know where Miss Mills lives," said Elizabeth.

They say they love the neighborhood participation as well. There are other houses around the area with big light displays.

If you know of any other extravagant displays, let us know. Email us at news@viriginiafirst.com or share it on Facebook.

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