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Some for, others against bill to bring speed cameras to VA

VIRGINIA (WFXR News) - The final version of a bill to allow speed cameras in Virginia was passed by the Senate Monday. Some are in support of it, but others are saying it isn't picture perfect.

Senate Bill 1521 would allow police officers to use hand-held speed cameras in construction work zones only. They would have to have their blue lights flashing and there must be a warning sign that there is a speed camera within 1,000 feet of the work zone.

"I just don't believe that everything you do in life should be captured on a camera. Especially when you're going through a work construction zone because we have so many of those on the interstates," said driver Pamela Cokeley.

Cokeley says police should focus on other issues. 

"I think there are a lot more important things in life where criminals are active than citizens who are paying their taxes and just driving from point a to point b. and to get a ticket for that? I think the state can find another way to make money," Cokelet said.

One 18 wheeler driver says the cameras can be unfair because sometimes it's harder to control your speed.

"Coming down a mountain or something like that, you try your best to go the speed limit, but you know, but sometimes things happen," said Henry Troupe.

But Troupe also says he does understand the need to keep construction workers safe.

"Constructions zones, actually, for that reason, I'm not against them in construction zones," Troupe said.

It's something other drivers, like Steve Dobbins, agree on.

"People are trying to get work done like anyone else, and working in a dangerous situation on the road. So if it will keep them safer I think it would be a good thing," said Dobbins.

Anyone caught on camera going 12 miles over the limit, could face up to a $125 fine.

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