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Thousands of customers regain electricity after wind storm

ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR News) - Thousands of Appalachian Power customers now have electricity again after windstorms knocked out power in West Virginia and Virginia.  

According to an AP spokesperson, 65,000 customers didn't have power after a wind storm swept through. Now, more than 59,000 have power restored. 

Appalachian Power released the following information:

The storm included gusts of almost 60 MPH in some locations. The hardest hit areas were in West Virginia where transmission stations and distributions lines were impacted.

About 500 individual outage cases were restored yesterday. The storm took out 17 transmission lines or sections of lines; all are back in service. There were 15 distribution stations that were also taken out by the storm; all but one (the Dehue station in Logan) have been restored.


Approximately 6,000 customers are currently without power in West Virginia. Areas with large numbers of customers affected by the storm include:



# of Customers Out















As outages are cleared, crews will move into these more heavily damaged areas to assist in restoration. Customers in these areas should check the Outage Map at www.AppalachianPower/OutageMap for the most up-to-date restoration times.




Storm Response Efforts

More than 800 workers, including Appalachian Power employees and contractors, are working to restore electric service. The company also secured additional help from Dominion Energy for the restoration efforts.

Restoration Estimates

In West Virginia, the bulk of customers should see power restored by this evening. However, in isolated instances where damage is most severe, restoration could extend into Tuesday.

 All affected customers in Virginia should see power restored later tonight.

A majority of customers could see their power restored well before these estimated times. New restoration times may be available for the outages in your area. Check the Outage Map at www.AppalachianPower/OutageMap for more info.

Outage-specific Restoration Information

Customers who do not have power may check for updated restoration times and other information by:

Safety Message

Let Appalachian Power know if you're using a generator – this protects you and our line workers as they work to restore power. Additional safety tips are posted at https://www.appalachianpower.com/outages/faq/OutageSafetyTips.aspx.

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