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Tips to stay safe while enjoying the Fourth of July fireworks

While you are out enjoying the Fourth of July it's important to remember to stay safe.  

Last year alone, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says nearly 13,000 people were injured due to fireworks. 

36 percent of those reported injuries were children under the age of 15.  The number one injury came from the use of sparklers, that's because they can burn up to 2000 degrees, which is hot enough to melt metal. 

In order to stay as safe as possible never let children play with fireworks, and supervise them with sparklers. 

If you are setting off the fireworks make sure you wear protective eye gear when lighting them, and never set them off in a metal or glass container. 

You should never stand over fireworks when they are being lit, and if they don't ignite do not try to re-light them.

Make sure you keep a bucket with water near by so used sparklers and fireworks can be distinguished completely before being disposed of. 

If going to a show is more your style, the Salem Fair is set to have a firework show on the night of the Fourth of July. 

If you are interesting in getting a permit to light fireworks like those you see at the Fair, you can visit your local fire officials or anyone that enforces statewide fire prevention codes. 

If you are setting off fireworks on state property, you have to go through the state Fire Marshall's Office. 



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