Mother tracks down Good Samaritan who assisted daughter after freak accident in Hanover

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) -- A mother who was on a mission to track down and thank the Good Samaritan who helped her daughter after a freak accident in Hanover County will soon get her chance.

Jamie Smart told 8News she was headed east on Route 33 when a car traveling in the opposite direction hit a deer. The impact catapulted the animal through the air and into the Smart's windshield. 

"I mean it happened in a split second," she explained.

The deer shattered the windshield, bent the steel framed seats and busted out the back window. 

"It's really scary. Made me think about life completely differently and how lucky I am to be here," she said. 

Smart says the animal went airborne after being hit, flying in her front windshield and flying out of her back window. 

"When I looked at the inside of her vehicle," Smart said, "most people don't walk away from that." 

Jamie's mother, Kim, feels blessed because her daughter survived, but she was also motivated to get in touch and thank a special someone who stopped at the scene to assist her terrified daughter. Her only hope was that someone on social media could help her find a nurse named 'Terri.'

"Terri, I want to meet you and I want to thank you," K. Smart told 8News. "Plain and simple, I'll want to meet this lady and I want to thank her."  

Terri reportedly calmed Jamie down, wiped the blood from her face and waited until paramedics arrived. 

8News learned Tuesday that, thanks to our story and the power of social media, K. Smart has gotten in touch with 'Nurse Terri' and the two plan to meet in person soon.

"She really just jumped into action and made me feel like you're going to be ok," J. Smart said. 

"Makes you look at things a lot differently, a whole lot differently," said K. Smart. "Today could have been a more somber day for me. Today, it's tears of joy."

Jamie, who suffered multiple cuts and bruises, is still recovering from the collision. Jamie and her mother believe what happened was a true Christmas miracle.  

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