Virginia leaders release statements on government reopening

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WFXR News) - Virginia leaders have released statements in reaction to President Donald Trump's announcement of a deal to bring the longest government shutdown in American history to an end.

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released a statement on Friday after the Senate passed legislation to reopen the government. 

“For more than a month, President Trump tyrannized hardworking public servants in an attempt to force Congress to do what he wants. I’m relieved we passed a bill to end this shutdown so millions of Americans can receive the government services they’ve been forced to go without and - because of our back pay bill – federal employees will finally get their paychecks. Now both parties in Congress must work to reach a long-term compromise and ensure a government shutdown is never again used as a negotiating tactic.”

Governor Ralph Northam also issued a statement on Friday.

“I’m relieved on behalf of Virginia’s 177,000 federal workers and their families that the government is reopening. This cannot happen again. Virginia’s federal workers do not deserve to be caught in the middle of Washington gridlock in another few weeks. I urge President Trump and Congressional leaders to find a long-term solution and ensure those who dedicate their lives to public service are never again caught in the middle of these political games.”

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