Injury not holding back Lily Poff

ROANOKE, Va. - It's been a storybook season for the Hidden Valley Titans. One key player, who hasn't played a minute on the pitch is making a difference for these girls.

"It's been really hard because I haven't been able to play," says Hidden Valley junior Lily Poff.

A freak injury sidelined Poff for the whole season.

"I broke my pinky toe, the outside of it, and I literally just stepped to the side and it broke--So I went to UVA and had the surgery and so it basically put me out for the whole season," Poff said.

Not only was it difficult for Lily, but also for her team.

"It was really hard for us because I've played with her since I was 10, so to not have my last season with her was really difficult," says Hidden Valley senior Kaitlyn Westerhold.

"I cried when she broke her foot that practice, we were all heartbroken," said Hidden Valley senior Jordyn Sadler.

Being sidelined hasn't stopped Poff, she found a way continue to make an impact on her team.

"I've really had to step up as a leader on the sideline, instead of on the field. It's given me a whole new perspective of the game, I've learned a lot. I honestly think it was the best for me as a player. Its really helped me grow as a player," says Poff.

"We can hear her cheering during the game and that really helps us. She's pushed us to keep going, even though she's not out there with us," says Sadler.

Lily encourages the girls to play for their seniors, while their seniors are--

"We're playing for her, shes not out her but she's still in our hearts," says Sadler.

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